Your Breath and Your Body

If your intension is to create vitality and fitness, or maybe it’s to burn fat and lean up, or maybe it’s all of these things and more, and you wish too achieve lasting results, it can be of great benefit to you, to be conscious of two aspects.

I. is your breath
II. is your physical body


· Be conscious, that the way you breathe, can either,

vitalise or devitalise,

both your physical body, and your vital body (also known as your aura or your etheric body).
This can have a cumulative effect on both your “mental” and “emotional bodies”.

Give thought to this!

A vast majority of us are walking around barely breathing in enough oxygen to blow up a balloon. No wonder the heavy feeling of depression is modern mans new up and coming dis-ease. Not even noticing how we are hold our breath when we exercise, eat, and yes – holding on to our breath when we talk, not to mention when we are sitting at the computer or working behind a desk only exasperates the problem. Breathing not only supplies oxygen, as you breathe, the oxygen inhaled purifies your blood by helping the removal of waste products.

Non conscious irregular breathing will severely limit the processes which play a critical role in your circulatory and respiratory systems. Your heart and lungs need to work harder. Your digestion and metabolism becomes sluggish, and the faster you breathe, the less you are able to live a vital life.

Oxygen deficiency is a major contributor to the feelings of anxiety, stress, and the onset of the disease process, leaving all of your organs, tissues, and cells malnourished and devitalised. All 75 Trillion of them. It is a proven scientific fact that no disease can live in a purely oxygenated state.

· Some benefits of “being conscious of your breath”, are.

– Conscious rhythmic breathing, increases your rate of metabolism, which as a direct result improves digestion, and helps promote weight loss.

– Conscious rhythmic breathing, calms and steadies your mind, which as a direct result improves your focus and concentration.

– Conscious rhythmic breathing, strengthens your immune system, which as a result enables your body to live harmoniously within its environment, decreasing illness and disease.

– Conscious rhythmic breathing, gives you the ability to lower or raise your blood pressure, which as a result, improves your quality of living.

– Conscious rhythmic breathing, and an imposed rhythm on the everyday life, creates wellbeing, which as a result, creates space to experience, joy.

As one of our most brilliant, creative, and health conscious poets of the romantic period so eloquently put it:

“He lives most life whoever breathes most air”

-Elizabeth Barrett Browning

· If it is your intention to tone up and lean up, you first of all must realise that to burn fat you need fire, and fire needs to breathe!

Three Points to Breath ~ an instruction manual, say’s…

More oxygen = more fire
More fire = more fuel can be burnt (fat)
More fuel can be burnt = more power
More power = the power to shape the body

This is as true to the human body as it is to the combustion engine. Sure you can lose weight by starving yourself, or by minimising your fluid intake, yet with every action there is sure to be a reaction. If you evaporate one litre of water that your body is holding as fluid, you may have temporarily lost a kilogram of weight on the scales, yet as sure as the tide will turn, so will the fluid.
After you have decided were it is you are going, choose the best path to get there, and choose “Knowledge as your Companion”.



· Be conscious that the food you eat, can either,

vitalise or devitalise,

your physical body, which has an effect on both your mental and emotional bodies.

Give thought to this!

· Fat is GOOD, here a few reasons why…

– Fats are accessed, consumed and used in the regenerative and healing process.

– Fats and oils are needed to renew and build new muscle tissue.

– Fats are the most concentrated sources of energy in the diet.

– Fat is a fuel.

Eliminating fat from our diet, does not ensure we will lose weight loss and gain good health. Why is this?
Because there are different forms of fat found in the foods we eat, and by eliminating fat completely, we eliminate, “the most concentrated source of energy found in the diet”. Eliminating the foods that contain fats associated with obesity and heart disease in your diet, and eating the “power fats”, that improve your vitality, is the way to go.

· The singular distinction you must be aware of is the difference between healthy “power” fats, and unhealthy, fats.

· The two fats that you should practice eliminating from your diet are, saturated fats and trans fats.

Saturated Fats are fats that stay hard at room temperature, and are mostly sourced from eating animals and animal products. You find them in meat, whole-milk products, poultry skin, and egg yolks.
Coconut oil also has a high amount of saturated fat.

Trans Fats are man made fats, and are produced through hydrogenation, that is, heating oils in the presence of oxygen. Many products found on the supermarket shelf contain trans fats, because the fats help them maintain a longer shelf life. Margarine contains high levels of trans fats. Unfortunately it is not Law that product manufacturers tell you how much trans fats their products contain, but you can find out if it’s in a product, by looking at the ingredient list. “Knowledge is King”, and if the ingredients contain hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils, then it contains trans fats. If the consumer voices their opinion, and does not buy these products, manufacturers will be required to change their ways.

The two fats that improve vitality and well-being are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These fats come from the vegetable kingdom, nuts and seeds, e.g. like linseed, olive and peanut oil, cold pressed oils, coconut oils, avocados and soy-based foods. These fats are necessary to your body for a variety of vital reasons: regulating hormonal production, improving immune function, lowering total cholesterol, lubricating joints, and providing the basics for healthy hair, nails and skin.

· Do you chew your food?

Food needs to be mixed with the four types of saliva, found in the body, for optimum absorption. Then it can be easily digested by the body, and the nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream. The body can only absorb liquefied foods. If solid foods are not made into liquids, the body cannot absorb the nutrients, in the food.
To absorb these nutrients, the body uses four organs of digestion, via the four digestive juices.

I. the mouth secretes saliva (ptyalin)
II. the stomach secretes saliva (pepsin)
III. the pancreas secretes saliva (trypsin)
IV. the liver secretes saliva (gall)

There is a very old, and very wise saying, that states.

“It’s not what you eat people, it’s what you absorb!” So.



And your FEET.

· How hard do your feet hit the earth?

The condition of your feet has an effect on the condition of health in your body, and your metabolism. Located on the sole of your foot are reflex points for all of the bodies organs. In particular, there is a point that relates to the kidney’s.

The kidney’s have numerous functions to perform in the body, with the most common and understood function being the filtering of waste products that are excreted in the urine. A not so well known function of the kidney’s is to store and distribute spiritual energy, or ancestral chi. The kidney’s are like a big battery, powering your body. Look after them!

· So if you are of “heavy foot”, lighten up!

A favourite saying I use when I walk or run is,

“I am as light, as a butterfly,
My feet barely touch the ground”

Keep well.

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