Cellulite is popularly known to be difficult to remove by
dieting and that often has a dimpled appearance. There
is no physiological difference between cellulite and
ordinary fat. Cellulite is a normal human variation that
can be seen by the other person. It is usually treated as
some sort of disease. The term “cellulite” came into
being in the year 1973 to refer to the dimpled
appearance of the skin that some people have on their
buttocks, hips and thighs. This appearance is much
more common in women than in men because of
differences in the way fat, muscle, and connective
tissue are distributed in men and women’s skin. Female
hormones play a major role in contributing to this fat
distribution, cellulite is not treatable by hormone


Cellulite should always be seen as a normal variation.
In fact it can be seen just the way a normal body part is
seen. It can be seen just as a dimpled appearance, like
some people having thick hair while others have thin
hair. Cellulite is a very normal variation.


Cellulite can also be viewed as the dimpling pattern on
skin caused by lobules of underlying adipose tissue.
Cellulite is not a medical or scientific term but refers
only to aesthetics. .


Cellulite does not necessarily emanate from a single
cause. many hormonal and genetic factors result in
cellulite formation.


Researchers have found the following factors to be the
main factors affecting formation of cellulite – incorrect &
improper diet, life-style, alcohol, smoking, insufficient
water intake, tight clothing, blood pressure, high heels,


Cellulite can be reduced by suitable physical exercise,
balanced diet, massage treatments, liposuction or using
specific treatments. At-home treatments include a low-
fat diet and dietary supplements. Research has proved
that so-called cellulite treatments aren’t that effective
as the claim is made out to be. These products don’t
come under the purview of FDA, so there isn’t any
scientific basis to evaluate their effectiveness and make
suitable conclusions.


In sum, eating a healthy diet and keeping muscles
toned by regular exercise seem like reasonable
approaches to keeping the body as taut and smooth as
it can be. Patients should be very cautious before trying
out surgical procedures, dietary supplements, or
elaborate massage techniques of unproven value. The
dont’s for cellulite are salt, fatty acids, red meat, full fat
dairy products, refined carbohydrates, junk food, etc.
On the other hand, the do’s list contains more water
consumption, fresh vegetables, raw fruits, bottom
brushing, etc.


The dry brush massage technique helps keep skin
pores open and stimulates circulation in underlying
tissues. Bottom brushing can be done in the morning or
evening. Take a natural bristle brush, start from your
feet and with a long motion work upwards in circular
movements. Effects of bottom brushing can be better
felt by alternating between hot and cold shower, also
called ‘skin gymnastics’.


Remember, cellulite is an issue of having too much fat
and too little muscle. Right exercise program can
produce big changes in your cellulite situation and
major improvements in your appearance.

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